Autograph Cards/Autograph Requests

Fans should send a letter with a return address indicating their special autograph wishes and including return postage to the following address:

Helmut Neumeier
Westerheide 14
D-24983 Handewitt


The following return postage is required within Germany:
Complete Set of Autograph Cards plus team picture (as long as supplies last): 1.45 Euro
1-3 Individual Autograph Cards:  0.55 Euro
4-10 Individual Autograph Cards: 0.90 Euro


Special Notice: 

Requests via e-mail, telephone, fax, or postcard will be disregarded.

Requests from Denmark can only be filled if a “Danske Frimaerker” (which can be obtained at the post office in Denmark) is sent along with the written request.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to send complete card sets to countries other than Germany or Denmark because the postage costs are too high. Requests for individual autograph cards will only be filled upon receipt of an "International Reply Coupon".